This child you see here was born blue in the face. Not breathing, unresponsive. I ended up rehabilitating here as you see but before all of this, my doctor had to give me a slap on the behind to see if I was breathing. A lot of times in life God has to give you a slap on the behind to see if you’re still breathing. I got my slap from my earthly doctor that day but my heavenly doctor has given me many over the course of my life, all to see if I was still breathing spiritually. A lot of mishaps & trials you see happening in your life are just tests to make sure you don’t suffocate. In year 22 I’ve had a lot of ups & downs in that sense, but in the end I praise God, because this year I came out breathing. 🙌 #birthday #praiseGod

Proverbs 11:28
“He who puts his faith in wealth will come to nothing; but the upright man will be full of growth like the green leaf.” Seek Gods will.. All else will fall into place. Money & fame are Money & fame. Temporary. Purpose sticks for eternity when you fulfill it. Jesus died 2000 years ago & we’re still crazy about him, why ? He was the only man to accomplish his purpose without flaw. Remember this, he changed the world on a carpenter’s salary. Not with paychecks, but with his purpose.


The way my jeans are folded at home aka I’ve been working at #express too long lol

God requires many things of us. One of them is to strive for holiness. We live in a time where us young people dislike holiness. We see it as a road block to doing what we want, a reason to “TURN DOWN”, something our parents or church forced on us just because its a rule. But its not a rule. If we love God, love who he is, and love what he is about, the pursuit of holiness should be a priority for every Christian. The key thing is not to go after holiness by your own strength. The reason why God requires us to be in this pursuit is not because he expects us to be perfect, is because he knows he can give us all the strength to achieve what he asks. Renew your mind and take holiness as a priority. Accept the challenge to struggle for Christ because Christ struggled for you.

#tbt As you can see my rice and pwa are separated. To this day I DONT LIKE THE TASTE OF PWA(Beans) lol #teamhaiti #teamnopwa

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Jesus still loves you

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#reminder the past couple of days God has been showing me more reasons to appreciate and value my worship and sacrifices. I haven’t been up to par. As always its #timetogrow #TeamJesus

Stuck tryna write the simplest melody man… Imagine knowing how to recite Shakespeare verbatim after listening but not knowing how to write something as simple as Good Morning. #wow #struggling lol

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Not that much of a #tbt but I thought i’d share again. Lol #teamjesus #onlyonewaytothefather #cometoyoursavior

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